Tourniquet OWB Holster

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Product Overview

Holds a standard CATS Tourniquet and you can clip it onto your belt for easy deployment. This design allows you to draw the tourniquet from the top, and in extreme circumstances you can just rip it away via the front. This holster is worn outside the waistband.

Kydex material is .080" thick, formed for your CATS tourniquet.


Decades of military and law enforcement experience are used to assure the quality of our holsters. We strive to create high-quality but affordable holsters that will function perfectly in the direst of situations. The material we use is waterproof, age and sweat resistant, making it versatile and consistent no matter the conditions you're in.


Our holsters have a crisp "clicking" sound when the firearm is inserted, so you know that your gun is firmly seated. Adjust the screw to achieve the perfect tightness adjustment.


We offer a lifetime warranty on all our holsters. If you have any issues with your holster, contact us and we will do our best to assist you. Our products are built for daily use!

Warranty Information

All of our products come with a lifetime warranty that covers any and all functional damage, forever.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review