Who is Skydas?

We are a Kydex thermoforming company comprised of ex-military, law enforcement, and creatives. We are a group of friends and family working together to create the best products possible. All of our products are made by hand and inspected before they leave the door. Our current offerings are constantly being improved and new products are being added as we prefect our new creations.

When it comes to holsters, we offer two universal styles. Both styles allow for RMR optic attachments.

jedburgh holster
recon ambidextrous holster

Our Jedburgh series introduces a ambi claw and fomi clip. This style is built for maximizing comfort while maintaining full concealment.

Our Recon series focuses on minimizing the space you weapon uses by keeping a short and compact silhouette of your weapon. 

No idea is a bad idea. We empower our employees to create new products at all times. Here are some of their recent inventions.

Check out our gallery for more! 

Our CASS System; can be built with or without vertex bags. They can be made to carry an array of equipment for a variety of lifestyles. Hunting, fishing, traveling, or simply self-defense concealment. 

CASS stands for: Covert Assignment Support System

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