​Concealed Carry for Women

Posted by Nick Bauer on Aug 4th 2021

​Concealed Carry for Women

Carrying comfortably on a daily basis takes time and practice. Each person’s body is different and each gun is different. Womens’ bodies can vary just as much as men however, overall, women tend to be smaller than men. This means women will generally have less space for a weapon as compared to the average male. Less space means you'll have to be more creative with what you’ve got. This article will go over effective techniques that will help you find the best daily carry system for your body.

Holster Styles

Holsters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Picking the right holster is just as important as picking the right weapon. You want your holster to match your body and lifestyle. There is an array of options for those who don’t want a traditional concealed carry holster. Belly band holsters tend to be more popular with women than men. These holsters use an elastic band that wraps around your belly. Another popular option for women is trigger guards. Trigger guards simply protect you from pulling the trigger and are commonly used in purses.


The last thing to consider when buying a concealed carry holster as a woman is your choice of clothing. You’ll want to wear something comfortable but still maintain weapon concealment. Each type of fabric has its strengths and weaknesses. Try out outfits beforehand and see what works with you. When it comes to pants, you always want to wear something that has some looseness.

Finding the best carrying system will take time. Follow these guidelines to find what works best for you.