How to Carry Everyday

Posted by Nick Bauer on Aug 23rd 2021

How to Carry Everyday

Having the ability to defend yourself effectively is more important than ever. In the times we live in today, you want to make sure you and your loved ones are always protected. To protect those around you, you’ll need to find a way to carry on a daily basis. Each person has a different body, each weapon has a different size, and each holster has a different purpose. If you’re looking to start carrying your weapon daily, there are many options for you to find what works best for your body type and lifestyle.


Choosing the best equipment for you depends on how you spend most of your time. If you’re a construction worker, you’ll want to carry differently than a fulltime mom. If you work a desk all day, you’ll want a different setup than someone who is constantly moving. It all comes down to what makes the most sense for you.

Types of Holsters

There are many styles of holsters, however there are 2 primary options you’ll find when holster shopping. The 2 primary styles of holsters are IWB (Inside the waistband) and OWB (Outside the waistband). IWB holsters are also known as concealed carry holsters. These holsters are built for individuals who want to fully conceal their weapon inside their pants. OWB style holsters are also known as open carry holsters. These holsters are built for comfort. This style of holsters doesn’t try to conceal your weapon, but instead makes it easier to carry and much more comfortable.

Purse/Bag Carry

For those who don’t want to carry on their person. Bag carrying is the next best option. Carrying in a bag or purse makes your weapon less accessible, but much more concealable. This style is the best choice for comfort since you won’t have your weapon physically attached to you with a holster. Often times, trigger guards are used for people using their purse to carry. These guards will protect you from accessing the trigger until you rip it off with the attached cord.

Carrying in Your Car

If you’re constantly on the road or need a place for your weapon to sit when you're driving, car carrying is for you. Often times, sitting down and driving with a holstered weapon can be a hassle. It can get very uncomfortable and if you’re driving for an extended time, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Carrying in your car revolves around accessibility and safety. As the driver, you should be able to access your weapon from a concealed angle, safely at all times.

Several Options

There are enough options for carrying today to fit most people. Base your decision to carry on what works best for you the majority of the time. If you’re constantly moving and surrounded by children, open carrying won't be the best option. If you’re a sitting down most of the day, IWB carrying will be uncomfortable very quickly. Utilize these tips to save yourself some time and make the most out of your carry system.