​How to Carry When Traveling

Posted by Nick Bauer on Oct 19th 2021

​How to Carry When Traveling

State Laws

Carrying a weapon while in a new environment can be vital to your safety. When in an unfamiliar environment, you should be as prepared for anything as you possibly can be. When traveling with a firearm it's up to the state to offer “Reciprocity” meaning that they will honor the permits you may have from other states. Carrying when traveling by car can be legally tedious because of this. Laws vary by state and one state doesn’t allow you to carry a loaded firearm legally at all. The first thing to consider when traveling with a loaded firearm is which states are you going to be entering or traveling through? To be completely safe, you’ll need to review all those states carry laws.

Transporting A Firearm

If you’re looking to simply transport a weapon, you can do so in any state or even on a plane. To do this, you’ll have to unload your firearm and keep it in a locked hard-sided container separate from any ammunition. The same goes for transporting ammunition. If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to transport your firearm along with any ammunition (in a separate container from your weapon) with no issues. This applies to all ground and air travel.

Defense Alternatives

There are many options to choose from when it comes to self-defense, a firearm is only one of many. If you’re planning a trip and it turns out you’ll end up breaking a law if you carry the whole way, consider other defense alternatives. Unload and store your weapon legally and instead bring pepper spray or a knife as your defense while traveling. Defense alternatives like a knife can keep you safe from attackers while also keeping you safe legally speaking.


In summation, you’ll need to do the research yourself to determine whether you’ll be legally accountable for your firearm when traveling. Look up your state’s laws and the states you’ll be traveling through to determine how you’ll want to go about carrying/transporting your firearm. It’s always good to have a backup when going into the unknown. Look into other defensive items like carry knives, pepper spray and stun guns as a secondary defense. You have the right to defend yourself no matter where you are at. Do the research to protect your property and know your rights when confronted by an officer in an unfamiliar state.